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Instagramming your way to success

An astounding 26% of adult internet users currently use Instagram, according to Pew Research Center. This enhances the importance for a business to be able to market products in an effective way online. Here are 6 useful tips and tricks in order to target Instagram users and benefit your business.

1. Engage Viewers with your Products
Viewers need to feel a genuine connection with what they are seeing in order to feel prompted to make a purchase. National Geographic is a perfect example of how a brand taps into consumer creativity in order to create a genuine relationship with its clientele. It posts photos from contributors traveling the world, so that viewers get a real sense of what it’s like to actually be in a specific area. Users are also expressing brand loyalty and engagement by sharing photos that are relevant to the brand.
National Geographic has gained over 40 million followers and has established itself as one of the top Instagram brands in the world. It managed to evolve from print magazines to social media by building a genuine and organic relationship with viewers.

(Via National Geographic)

2. Increase Viewership with #Hashtags Visibility is key to success, and there are many ways that a business can become more visible. Hashtags, for instance, helps your products to get discovered on Instagram. There is a Search and Explore feature that allows you to see which hashtags are used most often in your demographic. Once this is done, using the same popular hashtags increases your chances of your products being seen by the right consumer. 

Via Search and Explore on Instagram

3. Add Users in Same Demographic
Every business needs to have followers that are interested in its products and services. Once you are able to target consumers that are interested or passionate about your business through the Search and Explore feature, the next step is to build followers. This can be done by adding users who are in your company’s demographic.

The geotagging feature will allow you to include your location in posts. Once you enable this feature, you can see photos of customers that are tagged in the same location. By following and commenting on photos of customers in the same vicinity, it’s easy to increase customer engagement.

4. Make it Easy to Purchase Online
Viewers need a fast and easy way to access your products. is an Instagram selling tool that does just that. Once a user clicks on the link in your Instagram bio, they’re taken to an inventory of all of your products, and services making it simple and easy for them to make a purchase.
This Have2Have.It dashboard also makes it possible to import products from ecommerce websites such as Shopify into Instagram. It also includes conversion tracking, which is essential in social selling as it makes it possible to tack, modify and ultimately gain revenue from the platform.


5. Identify Instagram Influencers
In order to identify businesses that target your clientele, use the keyword search in the Explore tab. Once that is done, Instagram pages that are related to your business will pop up. It’s important to focus on Instagram accounts that have more followers and try to get into contact with them

6. Partner with Influencers
Once you get the contact information of a popular Instagram account and are able to contact them, the next step is to partner with them in order to grow your business. Partnerships with other businesses are effective, as it allows a company to target their audience more effectively, and communicate products and services to them as well. By increasing brand knowledge and engagement, this will then have a positive effect on sales.  
An effective tool that allows you to connect your brand with popular influencers is Captiv8. This allows your company to solidify relationships with other partners in the marketplace, which helps to engage customers that will benefit from your products and services.

What do you think? Is there a tool that should be added here or an up-and-coming feature that has potential? Right it in the comments below and we’ll review it.