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Simply sign up on our website using the Advertiser Sign-up Form. Review our Advertiser’s Terms and Conditions and fund your account with at least $15 to start a campaign.
Simply sign up on our website as a publisher. Once your site is approved you will receive your ad tags to start generating revenue.
Mediahub allows advertisers to start advertising with as little as $15

Paypal, Wire or via Bitcoin.

No. We currently do not accept CPL and CPA offers as payment, only use the CPM method for charging clients.
Yes. We allow tech support advertisers on our network, granted that the submitted landing pages are compliant and non-intrusive.
Our most popular verticals include:
Lifestyle and Sports
Our ad delivery is based on bidding. If you have the highest bid, you win the impression.

Yes. Mediahub offers NSFW traffic as part of the self-serve traffic selection.

No. We currently do not allow tags to be inserted in our platform for security reasons. In addition our auto-optimizer would not function correctly.
Majority of Mediahub's traffic (80%) comes directly from publishers of web properties. The remaining traffic comes from selected Premium Ad Networks.

You can target campaigns based on location, device, operation system and browser.

We offer advertisers IAB standard banner sizes, Pop-unders, Page Takeovers, Messenger Pop, Aligator Pop and Overlays.

Payments to publishers can be either Paypal or Wire transfer.

We look to maximize all our publishers’ payouts with competitive rates that are achieved by advanced bidding technology. Each publisher is constantly connected with the highest advertiser bid, guaranteeing the best eCPM available.
Mediahub maintains a high level of quality sites for our advertisers to place ads on. All websites are reviewed by a member of our ad ops team for approval into our network. If your site doesn't meet certain criteria we will contact you with the reason why it was declined.
All sites go through a manual review process before they are allowed to display on Mediahub. The process can take up to 48hrs before your site gets reviewed. If you don't see a Mediahub ad after 48hrs, please check your email to make sure your site was approved.
That’s not a problem. We can work in conjunction with any of your other existing ad partners. In fact, Mediahub has no history of conflicts with other provider “Terms of Service” agreements. Our goal is to make you as much money as possible.
The amount of money you make depends on size, demographics and your site’s readership. By providing you with greater exposure to a wide range of ad providers, we outperform even the most sophisticated revenue strategy for display advertising.
Mediahub uses the best technology available to make it easy for you to install and manage ad placements. We offer full reporting transparency on revenue earned, no upfront commitments or restrictive contracts, and the best support in the business.
No. You can run ads from other ad networks in addition to Mediahub. Our model is designed to work alongside your revenue strategy whether or not that includes other ad networks.